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Alt bars take II

So you like these funky bars? They are not as ‘alt’ and funky as many people seem to think. In fact most of the time they are just the improved evolution of bars used for decades. What makes them special is that they are now strong enough for MTB usage, and that is good. The theory is known; more angle in the grip area makes them more comfortable to ride. Lots of variations are available, from the original H-bar of Jeff Jones through the still popular On One Mary, the Brain Child of designer Brant Richards, to his newest creation, the Ragley Carnegie’s bar. The latter now available in a rise (the original), flat and drop version.

The theory behind this (and the Mary) bar is kinda smart when you think about it: forward sweep to compensate for the back sweep at the ends of the bar, rise to compensate for the drop at the end of the bars (you use the bars angled down a little, rigth?)

Now there is a flat (for a more racy, deeper position) and a drop version too. An issue with a medium or small 29-er frame is sometimes that the rider wants a deeper position on the bike without using an angled down stem. The drop in the bar compensates some height compared to the original riser version, giving the rider a deeper position.

Good stuff, now avaiable at Singlespeed Central!!

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